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Summit 2022

Managing governance, anti-bribery, whistleblowing, compliance and risk effectively



Date, Venue and Programmes

To register for the summit, please book your ticket online or download the booking form and submit it before 15 August 2022.
7 - 8 September 2022
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Conference & Focus Group Workshop

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Topics on Emerging Trends & Challenges
Loaded with Actionable Insights in

  • Forensic audit application for corruption prevention
  • ESG Compliance: Auditing third-party partner
  • Uncovering an alleged bribery scheme at airbus
  • SME anti-bribery verification
  • Accredited auditing program
  • Tackling long term global risk
  • Data integrity
  • Investigation involving external whistleblowing
  • Impact and effectiveness testing
  • Effective anti-bribery programme
  • Money laundering red flags
  • Fraud risk
  • Data governance
  • Tracking the beneficial ownership
  • Board effectiveness & policies
  • Keeping up with the regulatory changes and scrutiny with ISO 37301
  • Investigation under Anti-Money Laundering Act
  • Indictment under Corporate Liability Provision
  • Sound corporate governance
  • Compliance culture
  • Top management can better protect the employee who speak-up
  • Prevention of corporate fraud using forensic audit
  • Quantifying climate risk for business sustainability
  • Conducting internal investigation involving internal whistleblowing
  • Integrity movement
  • Anti-bribery compliance programme
  • New standards for governance

Networking Opportunity

Establish networks with more than 500 professional attendees and more than 15 speakers in risk, compliance and anti-bribery



This conference brings risk, compliance and anti-bribery professionals, federal and international regulators and thought leaders together in a free exchange of ideas, best practices, and actionable information.


Focus Group Workshop

This workshop covers curated topics, emerging trends and actionable insights concerning risk, compliance and anti-bribery professionals.

  • C-Suite Workshop
  • Senior Management Workshop

Meet the speakers

Subject matter expert, Regulators, Investigators and a Whistleblower!

Zafar Anjum
Zafar Anjum
Group CEO of Corporate Research & Investigation and ABAC® Center of Excellence. Investigations & White-Collar Crime Subject Matter Expert
Drago Kos
Drago Kos
Chair of OECD Anti-bribery Working Group. Co-Chair of MENA – OECD Business Integrity Network, Member of International Anti-Corruption Advisory Board (IACAB) and Defence Corruption Monitoring Committee (NAKO) in Ukraine
Datuk Razim Mohd Noor
Datuk Razim Mohd Noor
Deputy Commissioner of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Director of Community Education
Ian Foxley
Ian Foxley
Airbus Whistleblower
CEO of Parrhesia & BSI Standards Committee Panel on developing ISO 37002 Whistleblowing
Tn Hj Mohd Nor Lokman
Mohd Nur Lokman Samingan
Senior Assistant Commissioner of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Head Private Sector Education
Dr Muhammad Mohan
Dr Muhammad Mohan
President, Transparency International Malaysia
Mark Chay
Mark Chay
CEO of Coalition for Business Integrity (CBI)
Ts. Ir. Nurul Huda Mat Nor
Ts. Ir. Nurul Huda Mat Nor
Managing Director of HSE Group Sustainability & ESG Subject Matter Expert
Dr Mark Lovatt
Dr Mark Lovatt
CEO and Principal Consultant of Trident Integrity, Subject Matter Expert in Strengthening Integrity Infrastructure
Adnan Topan Husodo
Adnan Topan Husodo
Executive Board, Coordinator of Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW)
Huma Khalid
Huma Khalid
Scheme Director of ABAC® Center of Excellence
Robert Youill
Robert Youill
Founder and Executive Director of Key Risk Consulting Asia. Risk & Investigations Subject Matter Expert
Muhamad Nazri Shaidon
Muhamad Nazri Shaidon
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Combating Financing Terrorism (CFT) Practitioner & Trainer
Nurhayati Nordin
Nurhayati Nordin
CEO of Rasuah (Corruption) Busters. Lawyer, Anti-Corruption & Social Activist
Sasikala Kandiah
Director, Forensic Investigations and Disputes, Deloitte (Invited, To Be Confirmed Soon)

Sponsors & Partners

Thank you to all sponsors and partners for this event
  • CRI Group
  • Rasuah Buster (Advocacy Partner)
  • BMCC Logo
  • MGCC Logo
  • Eurocham Logo

Package Pricing

Package price to join the two days event. Get the event pass for the conference (day one, in-person) and focus group workshop (in-person, day two).
10% discount available until 31 July 2022. Discount code: SUMMIT10
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C-Suite Package

MYR 3800 / pax

USD 950

Package price for Conference (day one) + C-Suite Workshop (day two)

  • Conference (In-person)
  • C-Suite Workshop (In-person)
  • C-Suite Networking Circle
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Gain 16 CPD Points
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Tea
  • Corporate Rate for Hotel Rooms
  • Event Kit
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Senior Management Package

MYR 3000 / pax

USD 750

Package price for Conference (day one) + Senior Management Workshop (day two)

  • Conference (In-person)
  • Senior Management Workshop (In-person)
  • Senior Management Networking Circle
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Gain 16 CPD Points
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Tea
  • Corporate Rate for Hotel Rooms
  • Event Kit
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Individual Pricing

10% discount available until 31 July 2022. Discount code: SUMMIT10
Conference (In-person):
MYR 1800 (USD 500)
Conference Pass (In-person)
Networking Session
e-Certificate of Participation
Breakfast, Lunch & Tea
Event Kit
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Virtual Conference (Online):
MYR 400 (USD 100)
Virtual Conference Pass
e-Certificate of Participation
Conference Recording (Unedited)
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Note: The prices stated are the normal price
C-Suite Workshop:
MYR 3000 (USD 750)
C-Suite Workshop (In-person)
C-Suite Networking Circle
Certificate of Completion
Breakfast, Lunch & Tea
Event Kit
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Senior Management Workshop:
MYR 2000 (USD 550)
Senior Management Workshop (In-person)
Senior Management Networking Circle
Certificate of Completion
Breakfast, Lunch & Tea
Event Kit
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Note: The prices stated are the normal price
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With the constant developments in travel guidelines, we encourage you to obtain information from your government and airline for the latest travel advice. For more information and updates regarding travel guidelines to Malaysia, please refer to MySafeTravel.
Generally, a foreign citizen who wishes to enter Malaysia is required to obtain a VISA from a Malaysian Representative Office abroad. Nationals of most countries do not require visas when entering Malaysia for tourism purposes. Click here for more information: https://www.malaysia.gov.my/portal/subcategory/43
Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is intended to keep costs low for attendees. Due to financial obligations incurred by ABAC®, you must cancel your registration before the start of the event. Cancellations received less than 30 calendar days before an event start date are subject to an MYR 500 administrative fee. No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations received on or after the start date of the event.

Those who do not cancel and do not attend are responsible for the full registration fee. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Visit the event website for the latest updates.
Yes, you can.
It is applicable to the government organisation, agencies or government-linked companies in Malaysia only. We will issue an invoice and will require your organisation to provide a signed PO/SO followed by the LoU before the event date.
Yes. ABAC® Malaysia processes all payments and the currency will be Malaysia Ringgit (MYR).

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